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Our firm can advise and represent you in making permanent resident applications. In order to qualify, many variables are considered and we would make sure that all the requirements needed in your application are considered and completed in order to obtain a successful result. We will sit down with you and go over the requirements step-by-step and ensure you have a strong application for submission.

We can process and submit Canadian citizenship applications on your behalf. Depending on your current immigration status and ability to apply we will go over the details with you and any requirements needed to ensure your dream of being a Canadian citizen is realized.

We can represent you and file your applications in a number of various Economic Class Stream Applications and in the Express Entry Stream. These applications are often linked to and are prerequisites for anyone wanting to apply as a permanent resident in Canada. We will go over the details with you, discuss your goals and intentions and come up with the best plan for your immigration application.

We can process and file applications for work and study visa permits on your behalf. We will ensure you have all the requirements needed for your application and advise you accordingly of the process.

Our firm can assist with bringing family members and loved ones to join you here in Canada through the Family Sponsorship applications. We will go over the details with you and any requirements needed and make sure that your family members arrive to Canada in a smooth transition and with a trouble free application process.

We can assist and represent both companies and individuals wanting to immigrate to Canada for business reasons. Whether you are a company wanting to attract foreign talent for your enterprise and need assistance during the application process or you are a business professional that is looking to come to Canada, we can advise you, file the necessary documents and make the process as seamless as possible.

Immigration Hearings and Appeals

If you are an immigrant or current resident of Canada, you may have the misfortune of being found inadmissible for a number of reasons by the authorities and given notice for an Admissibility Hearing.

This can be an extremely stressful time for both the individual and their family. This situation can result in a removal order and have the individual sent back to their native country and removed from Canada as a result of the allegations and reasons that prompted the admissibility hearing.

Our firm can represent you in this predicament and do our best to challenge the evidence against you or any reasons brought forward that may be cause for your admissibility in Canada.

We are here to help, and there are many strategies to challenge an admissibility hearing and ensure your case is heard. Give us a call for a consultation and we would be glad to discuss the matter with you.

As a result of various hearings and different immigration matters, an appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) may be brought to appeal an immigration decision on your behalf. The IAD as its often called has the ability to hear appeals, and is a court that can hear arguments based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds and can consider more depth and evidence in a case.

Our firm can represent clients before the IAD and help build a strong appeal in their defense. Give us a call for more information.

Immigration matters are not governed by the province, and instead governed by the Federal government. As such, any formal appeal or judicial review on an immigration issue must go to the Federal Court.

We can represent clients who wish to file for judicial review of  an immigration decision depending on the nature and circumstances of the matter. The Federal Court will often be the last appeal court an immigration decision can be brought to. On some occasions Leave may be granted to the Federal Court of Appeal if the issue in contention is one of great importance that may effect others and society generally.

As a general statistic about 50% of cases brought for judicial review are successful, however only about 20% are granted “Leave” to be heard by the Federal Court in the first place. 

It is important to have a good lawyer on your side to bring your best case forward. Give us a call to arrange for a consultation.

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