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Start-Up & Business Creation

Our law firm is here to help you start your new business. We will listen to your needs and advise you on various options in choosing the best business entity to begin your new business venture. Whether you need to decide on a type of partnership entity that’s best, or whether you want to incorporate your business, we will go over the pros and cons of each option and explain all the details. We will then draft and register the appropriate documents, based on your choice of legal entity – For example: articles of incorporation, or partnership agreements etc.

We can also assist and advise you in creating subsidiaries, or branches of existing companies, changing company names and information (i.e file Articles of Amendment for corporations) and we can draft and create By-Laws for any unique structure you wish to have in the operation of your new company or make amendments to an existing one.

With your business plan and goals in mind we will prepare your new business for success. 

We can assist and oversee all aspects of your company’s corporate governance matters and requirements. From establishing the proper internal structure, to providing legal advice. We can provide legal guidance to facilitate a strong and trouble free relationship between the company’s Board, management team and shareholders, and for complying with any general filing requirements and legal compliance matters. We can also assist in maintaining your company’s internal documents such as minute books and drafting of necessary internal corporate documents, such as board resolutions, committee charters etc.

We are able to provide ongoing legal advice and counsel to all of our business clients. No issue or question is too small when it relates to your business, or what may have legal implications for you or your company. We are here for any questions you may have, from the day-to-day operations of your company to large scale decisions that need legal scrutiny and proper consideration. We are just a phone call away, and we’re your last line of defence against a poorly thought out business decision that may have legal implications for your business.

We can assist companies with planning for and carrying out corporate amalgamations and reorganizations. We will sit down with you and discuss options and planning for the best outcome for your business.

In addition, there may come a time when you or the Board of Directors decide that your business entity will need to be dissolved and come to an end. We can assist and advise with both voluntary and involuntary dissolutions of companies and the necessary legal implications to the Board, the management team, and the shareholders during the dissolution process. 

Likewise, after a company has been dissolved there may be a change of heart down the road and we can also assist in the revival and procedure or bringing back to life a company that has since been dissolved, provided it falls within the legal time-frame allowed for corporate revivals.

Contracts & Agreements

Our firm is here to advise and assist you in any asset sales or purchases that are being considered within your company. We will go over any legal implications for the asset sale or purchase and we will do any required searches and due diligence to advise you on any risks with the transaction.

We can draft all the necessary documents such as the Letters of Intent, the Purchase and Sale Agreements and any other ancillary documents necessary in accordance with the transaction.

We provide advice to you and your company and will draft all the necessary documents in accordance with a share purchase or sale agreement. This includes drafting any letters of intent and share purchase and sale agreements and all documents in relation to the transaction. As with asset purchases and sales, we conduct any and all necessary due diligence for the transaction and advise you and/or your company accordingly.

We can assist in drafting commercial lease agreements or advising on any legal implications that may arise from being party to a commercial lease agreement.

We can negotiate with the interested parties in drafting a lease agreement, so that your best interests will be considered and advise you accordingly to make sure your interests are protected.

Our firm is in your corner. We are ready to assist you and advise you on many various contracts and agreements for your business. From third party contracts covering your day-to-day operations, to employment contracts, to long term equipment and lease agreements, we have you covered.

We can review and advise you on any legal agreement before you are required to sign on that dotted line to prevent you from being bound to an agreement that is not in your best interests.

We can negotiate with third parties on your behalf and draft agreements accordingly to make sure your needs and interests are covered in any business transaction. By consulting with us before you are legally bound to an agreement, you may save yourself many thousands of dollars in legal fees from a potential contract dispute and prevent any loss of income to your business from a bad business deal. 

Let us help you.

Securities Regulation

We are here to assist and advise on all securities regulatory matters. Whether a public company is required to comply with securities requirements to the OSC, the TSX, TSX-V or other regulatory provincial body, or whether the company is conducting a private placement/exempt offering, we can provide assistance with any of the necessary filings and advise with compliance, regulatory and proper disclosure requirements. 

We can draft and prepare various regulatory and disclosure documents, such as:

  • Preparation of Annual and Special Meeting Materials
  • Offering Memorandums
  • Press Release Preparation or Review
  • Quarterly Financial Statement Filings
  • MD&A & AIF Review and Preparation
  • OSC, TSX/TSX-V and Aequitas NEO Submissions
  • And various other regulatory filings and SEDAR filings

Our firm is here to assist your company to grow to its full potential and raise capital to attain the next step in your company’s business plan. There is much detail and work involved in raising capital for a company and it can be a very costly endeavour. We will assist and advise on the most cost efficient plans to raise capital as well as provide flat-fee services for some of our fees.

Our firm will take care of the legalities during the entire process and will conduct the necessary due diligence to make the process as efficient as possible.

Business Law

Before You Close that Business Deal or Sign that Contract
- Give Us A Call!

Never go into a business deal or make an all important business transaction without consulting a lawyer to review, plan for and assess your documents and any hidden legal implications that may affect you. Protect yourself, and your interests! 

Give us a call, and we will gladly advise you on any legal business matters you may have.